Social Media--Should I Pay Attention?

Social Media in B2B Customer Service

If you are a manager in a business-to-business company you may wonder about the value of social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).  I do!  While I find value in some, others I find to be of questionable value in the industrial, business-to-business environment.  While there may not yet be proactive value to some of these tools there is a reactive value to which managers of any company should pay attention.  A recent article in USA Weekend made me think about the reactive value of social media. Twitter is used  by many consumers to report instances of good and bad customer service.  Companies are increasingly monitoring Twitter, and other social media sites, to uncover customer service issues. Given how quickly news can travel through social media it will become increasingly important to check these sites to find out what your customers are really experiencing.  Don't overlook this!


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